D017 Noproblem Ion Balance therapy fashion Jewelry tourmaline power charm man necklaces
Model No.: D017Health Necklace(man)1. Materials: Stainless steel/Germanium/Tourmaline/Silicone/Zirco..
D019 Noproblem Ion Balance brand noble therapy fashion Jewelry tourmaline power charm women necklaces
Model No.: D019Health Necklace (lady)1. Materials:Stainless steel/Germanium/Tourmaline/Silicone/Swar..
D029 Noproblem Best negative ion health itanium Ion power therapy fashion brand Jewelry energy Necklace
Model No.: D029Health Necklace (lady)1. Materials: Stainless steel/Germanium/Tourmaline/Silicone/Swa..
FDA Noproblem D028 jewelry energy power health infinity charm women pain relief germanium tourmaline necklace
Model No.: D028Health Necklace (lady)1. Materials: Stainless steel/Germanium/Tourmaline/Silicone/Swa..
Noproblem Ion balance sport jewelry vintage charm infinity power magnetic tourmaline choker statement necklace D015
Model No.: D015Health Necklace (man)1. Materials: Stainless steel/Germanium/Tourmaline/Silicone/2. S..
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