Anti-fatigue stainless steel magnetic bracelet Power Balance Healthy bracelet for men P048
Model No.: P048Necklace (man)1、Colour: silver2、Size: S(47cm) ,L(52cm)3、Gift box packing4、Materials:S..
Noproblem fashion charm luxury health infrared power men infinity magnets negative ion titanium necklace P061
Model No.: P061Ti Necklace(man)1、Colour: original Ti colour2、Size: S(48cm) & L(52cm)3、Gift Box P..
Noproblem Ion Germanium power sportsscalar hologram energy silicone sports unisex waterproof necklace P063
Model No.: P063 Fashion Necklace(unisex)  1 Colour: black with white, black with pink,bl..
P045 fashion sport power far infrared bio health benifits magnetic negative ion silicone unisex waterproof choker necklace
Model No.: P045Fashion Necklace (unisex)1、Colour: black,pink,white,brown2、Size: S(47cm) ,L(52cm)3、Re..
P046 power far infrared scalar energy negative ion silicone unisex waterproof choker more colors statement necklace
Model No.: P046FashionNecklace(Plus)(unisex)1、Colour: black,pink,white,brown2、Size: S(47cm) ,L(52cm)..
P058  Noproblem germanium silicone band hygienic tourmaline casual Waterproof bio silicone jewelry necklace
Model No.: P058Silver NanoNecklace(Plus)(unisex)1、Colour: black,pink,white2、Size: S(47cm) & L(52..
P084 Noproblem chain casual charm fashion pendant cross antifatigue energy sports metal man necklace
Model No.: P084Pendent (man)1.Colour:silver/black 2.Size:42cm or 48cm 3.Retail box packing..
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