New Genius Ltd is the owner of the brands,Noproblem.The Noproblem Marks have been used for many years in connection with promotion of Noproblem products and as part of an extensive licensing program on a wide variety of merchandise relating to and promoting Noproblem.As a result,the Noproblem Marks are known throughout the world as identifying Noproblem and its products.

        We use quality materials for our products:stainless steel for the metal parts,health magnets and silicone complied to RoHS standard.In addition,all our products have the capacity of emission of far infrared rays and considerable amount of negative ions from 700-3000 ions/,these products are effective in the improvement of  metabolism, promotion of blood circulaion,relaxation of muscles and alleviating action of pains.
        There are many counterfeit products of our brand in the market.The fakes products are made by unknown metal covered by cheap electroplating in which contains of harm heavy metal and impurities.Furthmore,the use of industrial magnets instead of health magnets and non-compliance silicone materials enhance the harmful problems to body health.In addition,those counterfeit products have no performance and have no warranties.
        All our products have their own verification codes to be verified at our official website,,to prove that they are the real Noproblem products.Under this verification system,all the fake products can be distinguished from our original Noproblem products.